16.-20. Mai 2024

Speakers and Their Topics

Knocking on Heaven’s Door” – Your ACIM Festival 2024

“The bleak little world will vanish into nothingness, and your heart will be so filled with joy that it will leap into Heaven,
and into the Presence of God .”
* (T-11.III.3:5)

Meet the speakers and artists who will be joining us for this year’s Festival. You can look forward to
inspiring lectures und workshops and to some wonderful live music.


Jon Mundy PhD, USA

Lecture: Heaven Is Here, Heaven Is Now
Workshop: Living a Lucid Life or Awakening in the Dream
Jon is an author, lecturer, publisher of Miracles magazine, and Director of the All-Faiths Seminary Miracle Studies program in New York City. He taught university courses in philosophy and religion from 1967 to 2008. The author of 11 books, his newest book is Sunday with Mundy. His previous book, Living A Course in Miracles, is his best-seller and now exists in 8 languages. Introduced to the Course by its scribe, Dr. Helen Schucman, in 1975. Helen served as Jon’s counselor till she became ill in 1980.
Website: miraclesmagazine.org

Manuela Tornow, Hassloch

Lecture: You Are the Kingdom of Heaven
Workshop: There Is Nothing to Fear
“‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ is an image of our deepest desire to come home again. In order to be let in, however, we actually have to give something away: our suffering, our stories and all the false self-concepts! Time to be who you already are again.” – Manuela
Manuela has been teaching A Course in Miracles in a very practical way since 2004. She trains teachers, accompanies Course students in intensive year groups, and speaks regularly at festivals and conferences. She is the author of several books and from 2017 to 2019 she co-translated the original edition of ACIM.
Website: wunderschule.com

Devavan, Wisconsin / USA

Lecture: You Hold the Key – GOD Opens the Gate
Workshop: Where on Earth Is the Key?
“You have knocked on countless gates in an attempt to find the GATE OF HEAVEN and open it for yourself. But now you realize that you have always held the key in your own hands and that the GATE of Gates has always been open. Are you ready to enter now?” – Devavan
Devavan is an awakened teacher of God, who demonstrates the teaching of A Course in Miracles and who has been extending it from Wisconsin since the year 2000. His focus in on the sharing of actions in the mind: of unlimited forgiveness and unconditional love based on a singular awakening experience. His understanding of transformation of the mind is a personal mind training and conscious change of beliefs. He is known as a teacher, healer, coach, and companion.
Website: devavan.com

Kornilia Nikoleri, Greece

Lecture: In Stillness You Receive Yourself
Workshop: You and Your Associations
“The moment that you come to the point that ‘there must be another way to perceive’, that moment you are knocking on Heaven’s Door. Then you realize that the door was always open and then that you are already in and never left.” – Kornilia
ACIM found Kornilia in 2010 in a miraculous way and it completely transformed her mind and life. Since then, she has been dedicated as a student, teacher, healer and mighty companion giving sessions in person and online and organizing seminars and retreats. She is a co-founder of the ACIM Festival in Greece.

Paul Goudsmit & Jane Tipping, The Netherlands

Lecture: What Is Heaven and How Do I Find It?
Workshop: Climbing the Stairway to Heaven – Not Just a Song
“Heaven is here. There is no other place. Heaven is now. There is no other time.” – A Course in Miracles, M-24.6:4-7
Paul and Jane have over 30 years experience as teachers and students of A Course in Miracles. Together they founded Inspirational Communication Unlimited, a school for transpersonal growth and awareness. Their work is committed to the practical application of the spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles and helping others live more authentic and courageous lives. Originally from Canada, they now live and work in the Netherlands and offer their work internationally. They are known for their warm humanity, authenticity, compassion, and humour.
Website: icunow.nl

Andreas Pröhl, Bad Meinberg

Lecture: The Door Opens Inward
Workshop: You Are All of Heaven to Me
“‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ means to me that things are getting serious now! It’s finally about the only decision we have come here for: the decision for HEAVEN. It’s now time to remember the home we never left.” – Andreas
Andreas‘ passion for the Course has been ignited because it enables a direct, unlimited experience of miracles, God’s peace and security. He asked himself: ‘Now what? How is one to teach such a thing?’ This question may be asked on a daily basis and be answered by the Inner Voice. Andreas is the organizer of the Festival and teaches A Course in Miracles in workshops, retreats, on international platforms and his Youtube channel. His focus is on the direct experience of awakening and on the inner light.

Efrat Sar-Shalom & Shira Ben-Chaim, Israel

Lecture: The Mission of the Son of God
Workshop: The Mission of the Son of God
About Efrat: Princess of Peace. Demonstrator and conveyor of the teaching of Heaven to the earth. Leads communities of peace to unite in the Teaching of Peace. Works on earth at Yeshua the Nazarene’s instruction, in order to bring peace and grace and healing to the Creation and its inhabitants amongst all nations. Peacemaker, establisher of Abode of Peace for praying and delivering the teaching of Peace. Sister to Shira Ben Chaim in Women of Peace Heaven and Earth, who shares in this life mission.
About Shira: The deliverer of the words of truth and peace, from Yeshua the Nazarene. With her consent, she carries out activities of peace, for those whom God created and for the entire Creation. Sister to Efrat Sar-Shalom in Women of Peace Heaven and Earth, who shares in this life mission.
Website: womenofpeace

Hubert Schlaucher, Austria

Lecture: Choosing the Joy of God
Workshop: The Good News
“The title ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ means to me the application of the one creative, true thought that reminds me of this door to the one Self and lets me gently disappear into its loving presence. It is this call that has been sounding throughout the universe since the beginning of time and that is now being answered.” – Hubert
Hubert has dedicated the past 24 years to teaching as a teacher of God in countries such as Austria, Germany, the USA, and Mexico. He sees his task as sharing the good news of the Course. His favorite lesson is «God’s Will for me is perfect happiness». This experience of perfect happiness is his elixir of life and his motivation to train his mind with the loving lessons of the Course.
Website: hschlaucher.com

Isabel Castañeda, Columbia

Lecture: One in Truth
Workshop: The Good News
“As far as we remember that we are children of light, The door of Heaven is always open for us. And Heaven is always here and now.” – Isabel

Frank Hamm, on the road

Lecture: Not Especially Holy
Workshop: The Key to the Universe
“Knocking on the door is not difficult – but walking through it certainly is. This is how the fear of God manifests itself. But who could really be afraid of love?” – Frank
Frank is travelling all across the country in his Volkswagen Bus, to celebrate A Course in Miracles wherever it wants to be celebrated. His teaching is lighthearted and passionate, true to the motto ‘God is pure joy!’

Gestna Maria Dunker, Flensburg

Lecture: What Is the Evidence for the Absence of Heaven?
Workshop: Opening the Gates
“What is ‘Heaven’s Door’, or the Gate to Heaven? A thought.
What is Heaven? A thought.
Who is the one knocking on the door? A thought.“ – Gestna
Gestna has been hosting various forms of seminars, study groups, and online classes since 2016. Working in a team with her Mighty Companions is her heart’s joy.
Website: gestna-maria.com

Andrea Hanheide, Hüllhorst

Lecture: Relationship, Wit, and the Holy Instant
Workshop: From Spark to Light in the Holy Spirit
“Knocking on Heaven’s Door opens for us the celebration of salvation, of being touched and remembered in GOD as never before perceived. ‘Your foot has reached the lawns that welcome you to Heaven’s gate; the quiet place of peace, where you await with certainty the final step of God.’ (ACIM, Lesson 194) I look forward to seeing us.“ – Andrea
Andrea came into contact with A Course in Miracles in 2008. After three intensive years of forgiveness and healing, she has been offering seminars, retreats, and study groups since 2012.
Website: andreahanheide.com

Kenneth Clifford, UK & Nana Bregvadze, Georgia

Lecture: The Door Is Open
Workshop: Your Homecoming
“What a great celebration this is to come together and approach Heaven’s door with a united intent. There is no other goal and no other delight!” – Ken & Nana
Ken and Nana have dedicated their lives to the teachings of Jesus and live in divine providence under Jesus’ guidance. They are traveling with the sole mission of extending the purpose of awakening and coming to the awareness of dreaming.
Website: thewanderingmonk.org

Andreas Scholz, Jerchel

Lecture: The Grace to Experience the Atonement of GOD
Workshop: How Do I Solve My Relationship Problems?
“‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ means to me that I am constantly at the crossroads to Heaven. Heaven is always just a thought away from me – and from hell. And GOD goes with me wherever I go.” – Andreas
Andreas‘ experiences of salvation and awakening make it impossible to forget this present path. At his healing farm and during seminars on A Course in Miracles, he shares the deep inspiration for the miracle.

Daphne Miedziarek, Poland

Lecture: My Innocent Brother Leads Me to Heaven
Workshop: Forgiveness Is the End of All Conflict and the Need to Die
“Since Jesus found me, my life, heart and mind have been completely transformed. Everything suddenly made sense, and life became important, fruitful and valuable. I can’t imagine returning to the Father’s House without such a transformation as A Course in Miracles. Now I understand why this is a required course.
‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock’, it says in the Bible. This knocking is nothing other than my readiness to unite in the unity of Heaven that I am. I forgive everything – my brother, myself, and the world. Everything that I thought I or they did. I recognize that it never happened and we never left Heaven.” – Daphne

Tadeusz Miedziarek, Poland

Lecture: The Process of Forgiving Illusions as Access to the Holy Instant
“I am very grateful to belong to the teachers of GOD. ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ is nothing other than a holy instant with your brother and, at the same time, with GOD. I stand before you with an open mind and empty hands, free of any thoughts and convictions, and open a space for GOD. Reconciliation with my brother is reconciliation with GOD. As long as I cannot see that in you, I am still on my way.” – Tadeusz

Neda Boin, Netherlands

Workshop: Voice Liberation – Why Wait for Heaven?
„Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.“ – A Course in Miracles, T-16-IV.6:1
Neda is an award winning singer-songwriter, Course in Miracles teacher and Voice Liberator who uses music for awakening. In her Voice Liberation workshop we will experience how to use the voice as a powerful tool to release the barriers we have built against the love we truly are. Her musical guidance will allow us to travel deep down into the subconscious mind to bring all of the darkness into the light. No singing experience is needed, just a desire to be free.
Neda will also give a healing concert, where she will share her beautiful Course in Miracles songs and mantras with us. There will be the opportunity to sing along or you can just allow yourself to feel whatever wants to come up. Neda’s music has the power to bring you from your head straight into your heart, where the true message of the Course can be deeply felt and experienced within you.
Website: nedaboin.com

Michael Ostarek, Mölmeshof

Lecture: Peace and a Still, Open Mind
Workshop: Peace and a Still, Open Mind


Mitsch Kohn

Mitsch is a German sound myst, composer, and filmmusic producer. His very unique piano- and voice-based soundhealing-journeys unfold into an organic of-the-moment musical expression. His music is a bridge into the inner world and creativity, and can be experienced as a connection to higher consciousness dimensions.
His concerts and evening events are not only an organic musical expression of the moment, but also a sounding, interactive space of self-awareness with an invitation to step out of consumption and allow the developing dynamic its very own free expression… and to experience oneself in a lightness, vitality and joy that has perhaps not been felt for a long time.


„We are eternally innocent, eternally loving and eternally beloved, as limitless as our Creator, completely unchangeable and eternally pure. Let us remember this with joy: With music, with A Course in Miracles and with each other. Let us join in the holy instant and in music!
We are: UnendLichT.“