2.-4. Dezember 2022

Speakers and Their Topics

Here is where the speakers present their topics and their motivation to teach and learn at the ACIM festival 2021.

Translations: The afternoon program will be completely available in English (2pm-6pm Berlin-time). The speakers will be English-speaking, or english translation will be available. The morning program will be in German language only (7am-1pm Berlin-time).

“Love At First Sight”

“A teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one. His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow, somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else’s.” Manual for Teachers, 1-1


In Person or on Zoom?

This symbol shows you if the speaker is present in Bath Meinberg / Germany, or joining via Zoom. All speakers will be streamed on Zoom. So wherever you are joining from you won’t miss any speaker. 

The Speakers of The Festival


Robert Perry, USA

Talk with Emily Bennington: Seeing with Vision. 

Robert Perry brings to A Course in Miracles many years of private study and public teaching. He began teaching the Course in 1986, and has since taught throughout North America and around the world. Robert is the founder of the Circle of Atonement and the author of numerous books and booklets based on the Course. Among these are the popular An Introduction to A Course in Miracles and Path of Light: Stepping into Peace with A Course in Miracles. He is also the lead editor of the Complete and Annotated Edition (CE) of A Course in Miracles, based on the original handwritten notes of Helen Schucman.

Robert will be on screen in Bath Meinberg an in Zoom.

Website: circleofa.org

Neda Boin, Netherlands

Liberate Your Past. Voice Liberation workshop.

“I’m so happy to be part of this festival again! With my Voice Liberation session we’re going deep into the unconscious mind to shine a light on whatever is ready to be healed. I’m happy to go on this journey without a distance with you, to the Love we have never left.” 


Neda Boin is a heart touching singer songwriter who uses her voice to channel the Spirit and crack open your heart. She released her award-winning debut album ‘The Light Has Come’, which is completely inspired by A Course in Miracles. 

Hopefully Neda will be able to join us in person at the festival. 

Website: nedaboin.com

Michel Gaymard, Mexico

Talk: The Mental Modell. (on screen in Bath Meinberg and on Zoom)

Michel Gaymard teaches the Course world wide and spends several months a year in his home town Mexico City. For the Mexican national television he travels as travel moderator. 

Michel will be joining the festival via Zoom.

Website: facebook.com/ucdmich

Manuela Nisha, Switzerland

Talk: Let Love Take You Gently by the Hand. (present in Bath Meinberg and on Zoom)

Workshop: Forgiveness Lets You and Your Brother Shine in the Light. (Bath Meinberg)

“However Love comes into your life, be certain – it is a direct invitation to the Kingdom of Heaven. Where joy plays a song for you and asks you affectionately for a dance. Miracles are seen in light!

To teach, learn and celebrate at the miracle festival is a blessing for me. I am highly delighted – to share this freedom of the Kingdom of Heaven here with you and to extend the experience of Oneness.” 

Manuela Nisha lives in Switzerland and shares the teaching of A Course in Miracles and her inspirations in a manyfold manner. When she is in the experience that “the Kingdom of Heaven is no other place” she finds words of poetry and reflexions that she shares in her blog, Youtube channel and in sessions. It is wonderful to share the ease and joy with one another, and so the heaviness disappears with a laughter in light – and here Love itself gives you a hand. 

Manuela will be present in Bath Meinberg, and you can join her session also via Zoom.

Website: adminnisha.wixsite.com/manuela-nisha

Kenneth Clifford, Mexico

Talk: The Power of Unconditional Love (on screen in Bath Meinberg and on Zoom)

“I feel truly blessed that we have this opportunity to gather for this wonderful occasion and experience the love and light that we are. It is an honor to join and share in this way the experience of unconditional love.”

Kenneth has devoted his life to practicing A Course in Miracles and sharing the joy of unconditional love. He has a weekly podcast called “Get Real” which is an exploration of his process on the spiritual journey. This is broadcast every Thursday. He is also a qualified, psychotherapist and group facilitator. He currently resides in the Living Miracles Community in Mexico where he shares these wonderful teachings with others all around the world.

Kenneth will be joining the festival via Zoom.

Website: LivingMiracles.org

Kendra Rott-Gettel, Germany

Talk: Health Is Everywhere (present in Bath Meinberg and on Zoom)

“My intention for this festival is, to dive deeper into the awakening and to make the every-present Holy Spirit experienceable for everyone.”

Kendra helps you, to find the Love and peace within you, and to bring this peace and Love into your outer life. In personal coachings as well as in the format “Finders Course” she supports people in the process of awakening. 

Kendra will be present in 3D at the Festival in Bath Meinberg. 

Website: endlichbergeversetzen.de

Hubert Schlaucher, Austria

Talk: Healing Is to Make Happy. (present in Bath Meinberg and in Zoom)

Workshop: God Is Not the Author of Your Story. (only in Bath Meinberg)

“My motivation to take part in this festival is to strengthen the light experience in my mind and to be a witness for the miracle.”

“24 years ago the Course found me and changed my life completely. The first 3 years the Course was some kind of self study for me. Afterwards I began to look out for groups and teachers. I got to know a Course teacher in Germany, for whom I began to organize events in Austria. More and more I came to the conclusion, that the Course is my loving companion for the way Home. 2003 I got to know the teacher Raphael at Endeavor Academy and he told me about an academy near Berlin. I spent the summer of 2003 in Wusterwitz and the experiences of awakening grew more and more profound. And so I decided by the end of 2003 to go to the United States. Another acceleration happened there. I stayed there until 2009, when I invited to open an ACIM center in Mexico (Morelia). This center was open every day for sessions. Moreover we received invitations to teach the Course in many parts of Mexico and California.”

Hubert will be present in Bath Meinberg and his talk can be seen live and online via Zoom.

Gregor Geißmann and Michael Feuser, Germany

Joint talk with Gregor and Michael: The Sun Takes Care of the Flower. (on screen in Bath Meinberg and Zoom)

“To share the thoughts of healing with others is the actual healing. All along people have gathered with this knowledge. And for this very reason we want to use the festival.”

Gregor and Michael have known each other for 20 years and met for the first time at the Course Festival in 2020. Reason enough to write a book together. 

Gregors “journey” went from catholicism to Zen and Avaita Vedanta, until he arrived more than 25 years ago at A Course in Miracles – and participated in the Finders Course a couple of years ago.

Michael discovered more than 20 years ago that help is available even when you are in fear. He also saw that help is available now and always. A Course in Miracles was literally the unavoidable consequence. Today in the encounter with the so-called sickness dementia the demented brother gives him the opportunity, to experience his own reality. 

Website: spirituelles-willkommen.de

Gottfried Sumser, Germany

Talk: Live majestically. (present via Zoom).

Gottfried Sumser found the Course some 25 years ago. This masterpiece placed his reality on a new level. For many years he led seminars and saw himself as a companion for others. Healing relationships is the basis for a fulfilled life and is the center of his work. His approach – clarity and loving presence has already reached many in their spiritual heart. Hi ease – as well as his ability to convey fundamental life topics, can enrich one’s own journey of the soul with invigorating strength. 

By now he supports thousands of people on their path to their center. His daily podcasts can be heard via I-Tunes, Spotify or YouTube.

Gottfried will join us with Zoom.

For more info go to www.gottfriedsumser.com

Gestna Maria Dunker, Germany

Talk: Infinite Light. (present in Bath Meinberg and in Zoom).

Workshop: Tools of the Course! Forgiveness and Co. for the remembrance of your divine reality and the salvation of the world. (Bath Meinberg)

Gestna Maria Dunker lives in northern Germany at the border to Denmark. She is living the life of patchwork family and a profession of a speech and language therapist. She uses every occasion and every opportunity to teach A Course in Miracles – with or without words. Gestna also organizes seminars and study groups, to remember the present Love together. 

Presently she is active as a co-founder in a wonderful team of 10 members. She organizes the Aleph Academy and provides daily sessions from difference teachers for ACIM friends. 

This is what it is all about: Sharing the present moment, the presence in this moment and letting our relationship be healed, letting communication be restored again. This is what a things are being used for. 

We only have ONE communication and that we share with God.

Gestna will be present in Bath Meinberg and her talk can be seen on Zoom.

For more info go to www.gestna-maria.com  

Gary Renard, USA

Talk: The Fastest Way to Enlightenment. (on screen in Bath Meinberg and in Zoom).

“I want to share with you the fastest way home. A Course in Miracles says, “A chief aim of the Miracle Worker is to save time.” We will discuss exactly how to do that. The result will be miraculous.”

Gary R. Renard is the best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality, Love Has Forgotten No One, and the newly released The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other.  He was born on the historic North Shore of Massachusetts, where he became a successful professional guitar player and singer. During the harmonic convergence of 1987, he heard a calling and began to take his life in a spiritual direction. At the beginning of the 1990’s, he moved to Maine, where he underwent a powerful spiritual awakening. As instructed, he slowly and carefully wrote “Disappearance” over a period of nine years. His books are now in 26 languages and growing, and he has created a TV Series based on them. His books and CDs have received over 2,000 customer reviews at Amazon.com with an average rating of 4 and a half stars; a truly remarkable performance. Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote in 2005, “A book that is destined to be one of the most significant contributions to spiritual literature in this century. The message in Gary R. Renard’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe, is of great importance to the healing of ourselves and our planet.” 

Gary will talk at the festival via a Zoom connection.

For more info go to www.GaryRenard.com  

Robert Rosenthal / Foundation for Inner Peace, USA

Talk: The Necessary Lesson of Forgiveness. (on screen in Bath Meinberg and in Zoom).

The Foundation for Inner Peace is the scribe-authorized publisher of A Course in Miracles. In 1975 the copyright was transferred from the scribe Helen Schucman to the Foundation. Presently A Course in Miracles is available in 27 languages.

The Foundation will be represented at the festival via a Zoom conference.

Website: acim.org

Emily Bennington, USA

Talk: Seeing with Vision. (on screen in Bath Meinberg and in Zoom)

Emily Bennington is executive director of the Circle of Atonement, publisher of the Complete and Annotated Edition (CE) of A Course in Miracles. At the Circle, Emily leads initiatives – including the Course Companions global online learning community – that bridge the Course’s profound and unparalleled wisdom with practical application. Prior to joining the Circle, Emily led training programs on spiritual intelligence and mindful leadership for numerous Fortune 500 companies. She is the author of three books, including Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence, which features a foreword by Marianne Williamson. For more information on the Circle of Atonement please visit www.circleofa.org.

“The Course tells us that its goal is true perception, which it also calls Christ’s vision, or usually just vision. All our learning, all our study and practice, all our forgiveness, all our giving of miracles, then, is meant to bring us to the point where we see with vision. But what is vision? In this presentation, Circle of Atonement founder Robert Perry and myself, executive director Emily Bennington, will help you understand this central Course teaching and how to apply it to your life.”

Emily will be joining us via Zoom.

Website: www.circleofa.org

Devavan, USA

Talk: Love and Self-Recognition. (if possible live in Bath Meinberg and on Zoom)

“I am looking forward to meet you again or to meet you for the first time. We are finding ourselves united in His Mind again and celebrate this knowledge in the light of our meeting with all that we ARE.

It is all about the sharing of actions of mind: of uncompromising forgiveness and unconditional love, that are based on a singularly awakening experience.”

Devavan is an awakened Teacher of God demonstrating the teachings of A Course in Miracles and extending it from Wisconsin, USA, since the year 2000.

He demonstrates that it is about sharing of actions of mind: of unqualified forgiveness and unconditional love, based on a singular-awakening Experience. 

His understanding of the transformation of the mind is one of personal mind-training and a conscious change of beliefs.

He is known as a teacher, healer, coach and companion. 

If feasible in regard to COVID Devavan will be with us in Bath Meinberg.

Website: devavan.blogspot.com

Youtube: YouTube.com/c/DevAvan

David Hoffmeister, Mexico

Talk: Opening to the Love of God through Devotion to One Purpose (on screen in Bath Meinberg and in Zoom).

“I enjoy sharing the Presence of Love with all my brothers and sisters around the world.  I am grateful and happy to have this opportunity to rejoice together in the Love of God.  It is a Joy to accept the invitation to the online festival: Love At First Sight.”

Mystic David Hoffmeister is a living demonstration that peace is possible. His gentle demeanor and articulate, non-compromising expression are a gift to all. David Hoffmeister is world-renowned for his practical teachings about spiritual awakening. His clarity about the function of forgiveness and his radical use of mindful movie-watching in the release of judgment is unsurpassed. The purity of the message he shares points directly to the Source.

Over the past 35 years, David has traveled to 44 countries across 6 continents to extend the message that truth is available for everyone. His teachings that are based on A Course in Miracles have been translated into 13 languages and taken into the hearts and minds of millions through the intimate style of his books, audios, and videos.

David will be joining us from Mexico via Zoom.

Website: awakening-mind.org/resources/a-course-in-miracles/

>> Youtube 

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/david-hoffmeister

Corinne Zupko, USA

Talk: Miracle-Based Practices for Untangling the Anxious Mind (Bath Meinberg and Zoom).

“I am called to share the joyous and healing lessons I have learned through the Holy Spirit, in order to help save time. As miracle workers, we must free our minds from fear so we can do what we are here to do – give miracles and heal the world.”

Corinne Zupko, Ed.S., is the author of the bestselling and four-time award-winning book, “From Anxiety to Love.” She began her work with A Course in Miracles in 1997 after struggling with multiple anxiety disorders, and now lives free from debilitating anxiety solely due to the Course. Corinne is a keynote speaker, Adjunct Professor of Counselor Education, Board Certified Coach, and mindfulness meditation teacher.

Corinne will be joining us via Zoom.

Website: FromAnxietyToLove.com

Cindy Lora-Renard, USA

Talk: Letting Love Be Itself Through the Practice of Forgiveness (Cindy is joining us via Zoom)

“I am delighted to share the thought system of A Course in Miracles, more specifically in the areas of forgiveness and how to see with spiritual sight.

The purpose in my participating is to expand on these ideas, because by sharing them, they strengthen, and the whole Sonship benefits. “

Cindy Lora-Renard is an international speaker on A Course in Miracles, and the author of A Course in Health and Well-Being, now published in six languages, and her newly released best-selling book, The Business of Forgiveness.  In addition, she is a spiritual life coach, with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and a visionary musical talent.  She has been traveling the world with her husband, Gary Renard, helping to introduce the teachings of A Course in Miracles to many countries.  Together, Cindy and Gary also teach online classes on the Course every month.  Cindy uses her knowledge of A Course in Miracles, as well as in music and psychology, as “healing” tools to help others awaken from the dream of separation to the “higher” octaves of life.  

Cindy will be joining us via Zoom.

Website: cindylora.com

Bhakti Hardy-Ostarek, Deutschland

Talk: Yes, I am willing. (Bath Meinberg and Zoom)

“I very much look forward to this festival. It is so wonderful when we join together in Spirit. And it is a great joy when we meet one another in this light and presence.”

Bhakti Hardy-Ostarek is an author and a musician. Her book “Are you willing?” came about in the communication with Spirit. Since 2006 she practices A Course in Miracles and lived in a Course community for 10 years. Presently she is living as well in place where encounters, sessions and joined music-making is welcome.

Bhakti will be with us in presence in Bath Meinberg. 

Website: bhaktihardyostarek.com

Anja Richter, Germany

Talk: Accepting Love. (Bath Meinberg and on Zoom)

“Again, I’m super excited for this celebration of devotion – thank you for your PRESENCE!”

Anja Richter’s awakening began 8 years ago, stirred by persistent questions that arose in a partnership. These led her on a straight path to A Course in Miracles and beyond the words into an experience and knowledge for which she is unspeakably grateful, through which she is ceaselessly inspired and which she shares joyfully and with pleasure.

Anja’s main concern is the focus on the simplicity of Truth and Healing – the simplicity of surrendering to IT in this very moment –  and simultaneously experiencing the huge potential that lies within EACH of us.

Anja is initiator and co-founder of the Center of Now and offers workshops, practice and mentoring there and through her portal True Being. The core of her work is a 12-week joint training in experiencing, maintaining and constantly deepening the felt contact with our Source.

For this festival Anja will be in Bath Meinberg and on Zoom. 

Website: wirklichsein.com; center-of-now.com

>> Youtube

>> Soundcloud

Andreas Pröhl, Germany

Talk: Love at First Sight (Bath Meinberg and on Zoom)

Workshop: Look With Love and Meet Yourself. (Bath Meinberg)

Andreas Pröhl is the organizer of this festival and teaches A Course in Miracles online on his Youtube channel, the Aleph Academy, and international platforms. On talks and workshops as well as conferences Andreas shares the present teaching of A Course in Miracles and the incredible joy of coming Home. 

He is co-founder of Aleph Academy and considers himself lucky to be part of an amazing team organizing daily course sessions.  

For this festival Andreas will be in Bath Meinberg and on Zoom. 

Website: andreasproehl.com; aleph-akademie.de

Youtube: youtube.com/user/andreasproehl

Andrea Hanheide, Germany

Talk: Sustained by the Love of God. (live in Bath Meinberg and on Zoom)

Workshop: Fire Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

“My goal is truth and my biggest joy is the moments when we remember together how loved and loving we are in God. I am looking forward to a shared presence in equality and remembrance.” 

Andrea got in touch with A Course in Miracles in 2008. After 3 intense years of forgiveness and healing she began offering seminars, retreats and study groups in 2012.

Based on her deep and intense experiences in God and her devotion Andrea supports people in seminars and 1-on-1 sessions. Her main focus lies on her humorous and practical manner of forgiveness, as well as the shared experience of our innocence, freedom and love in our true Self.

Andrea will be at the festival in person in Bath Meinberg and you can join her talk on Zoom.

Website: andreahanheide.com

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/ahanheide