1.-3. Dez 2023

Speakers and Their Topics

Blossoming in Christ” – Your ACIM Festival 2023

“Each bird that ever sang will sing again in you. And every flower that ever bloomed has saved its perfume and its loveliness for you.”* (T25-IV-5)

Meet the speakers and artists who will be joining us for this year’s Festival. You can look forward to inspiring lectures und workshops and to some wonderful live music.

Speakers & Artists Festival 2023

Manuela Tornow, Hassloch

Workshop: Christ, Guided by God
“Being Christ, being here in love and with miracles – this is what blossoming in Christ means to me. And this is only possible together. God wants all His children to come home again.”
Manuela has been teaching A Course in Miracles in a very practical way since 2004. She trains teachers, accompanies Course students in intensive year groups, and speaks regularly at festivals and conferences. She is the author of several books and from 2017 to 2019 she co-translated the original edition of ACIM.
Website: wunderschule.com
Youtube: Die Wunderschule – Manuela Tornow
Telegram: Original Edition – „Booster“

Hubert Schlaucher, Austria

Lecture: The Transformative Power of Love
Workshop: Joy Is the Song of Thanksgiving
“I want to share the experience of universal love and its unlimited healing power with you. Gentleness, honesty and trust are essential ingredients of this universal love that we already are and that we will remember together at the Festival.
For me, blossoming in Christ means remembering the divine beauty and perfection in us. It means remembering that there is no lack in us and all needs have already been met. It means remembering that from this abundance we put an end to every idea of sacrifice by giving and sharing and experiencing only God’s joy in everything.” – Hubert
Website: hschlaucher.com

Andrea Hanheide, Hüllhorst

Lecture: The Holy Spirit
Workshop: In the Fire and Light of the Holy Spirit
“We let ourselves be as God created us. We no longer interfere by imposing our own ideas and let the blossoming happen. What a celebration, if I simply let the Christ be in me and everyone!” – Andrea
Andrea encountered A Course in Miracles in 2008. After three intense years of forgiveness and healing she begann offering seminars, retreats and study groups in 2012.
Website: andreahanheide.com
SoundCloud: Andrea Hanheide

Frank Hamm, on the road

Lecture: Freedom
Workshop: Sex with God
“For me, the blossoming of Christ is being so happy that I forget I have a body.” – Frank
Frank is travelling all across the country in his Volkswagen Bus, to celebrate A Course in Miracles wherever it wants to be celebrated. His teaching is lighthearted and passionate, true to the motto ‘God is pure joy!’
Youtube: Weg der Wunder

Jason Warwick & Emily Alexander, Mexico

Lecture & Workshop: Living in Community & Relationship
“Blossoming in Christ is to allow a gentle presence to guide us daily into interactions that help release our mistaken perceptions and expand in joy.” – Jason & Emily
Jason and Emily are married and between them have 25 years of experience living in community. Their path is relationship and their passion is to share the healing that they have gone through both within their relationships and the community context.
Website: livingmiraclescenter.org

Andreas Pröhl, Flensburg

Lecture: Your Spontaneous Awakening in Your Self
Workshop: Meeting the Holy Party Girl
“Blossoming in Christ must and can only be spontaneous. No preparation is possible for What we already are. This invitation may be declined for a long time, but at some point the mind is ready for the unimaginable. Here and now, this invitation is openly extended. And I am delighted to be in the middle of the action, together with my brothers and sisters, instead of keeping to the sidelines.” – Andreas
Andreas is the organizer of the Festival and teaches A Course in Miracles in workshops, retreats and online at Aleph Akademie, on international platforms and his Youtube channel. His focus is on the direct experience of awakening and on the inner light.
Websites: andreasproehl.com; aleph-akademie.de
Youtube: Andreas Pröhl
Telegram: Andreas_EinKursInWundern

Kornilia Nikoleri, Greece

Lecture: The Beauty of Being Seen
Workshop: You Are a Holy Receptor for You and Your Brother
“‘Blossoming in Christ’ – Wawww, what an idea in my mind! Through our awakening-in-Christ process we grow up each and every moment in new discoveries of Self and Life Itself and we open up in our creativity of mind, reaching out to our true essence, radiating beauty and light in such a gentle and unique way.” – Kornilia
For the past 12 years Kornilia has been living, teaching and healing in the light of this ongoing experience of the profound and miraculous teachings of A Course in Miracles. She serves the Spirit and her brothers as a transformative teacher, healer, and as a Bowen therapist. She is also a co-organizer of the international ACIM festival in Greece.

Gregor Geißmann, Nottuln

Workshop: Holiness – Giving Space to the Non-Special
“Let’s get ready and explore together what blossoms will unfold when we peel the ‘ego onion’ with due curiosity.” – Gregor
Gregor began studying, untangling, practicing, and applying the Course in the mid-1990s. He has been sharing his findings with a changing audience in his online forum for 20 years. In the process, he discovered that forgiveness and the ‘real world’ are to be experienced – for merely acquiring ‘knowledge’ will not make anything blossom in Christ.
Website: spirituelles-willkommen.de
Telegram: Ein spirituelles Willkommen

Gestna Maria Dunker, Flensburg

Lecture: You Are the Mouthpiece for the Silent Christ in You
Workshop: Speaking Without Fear Is Only Possible With Christ
“My wish this year was to have a Christ conference, and ta-dah! I’m getting one. Christ is what we are, and this is what we celebrate – always. I would also like to see this term become accessible to everyone; finding its way into spirituality as a free concept which is no longer fraught with religious, Christian dogmas. Christ means ‘the One Self’, which we are.” – Gestna Maria
Gestna has been hosting various forms of seminars, study groups, and online classes since 2016. Working in a team with her Mighty Companions is her heart’s joy.
Websites: gestna-maria.com; aleph-akademie.de

David Hoffmeister, Mexico

Lecture: Seeing Christ in Everyone
Internationally renowned spiritual teacher David Hoffmeister is a modern-day mystic, author and a living demonstration of the non-dual path of A Course in Miracles. A catalyst for spiritual teachers and students around the world, David is a brilliant guide for anyone seeking the truth within. David is recognized for his practical application of ACIM and his clarity about the function of forgiveness in spiritual Awakening.
David will be joining us via Zoom.
Website: livingmiraclescenter.org

Tadeusz Miedziarek, Polen

Lecture / Workshop: The Holy Instant
“I have been involved with the change of mind based on A Course in Miracles for about 18 years. In this time my life has changed completely. My only and most important decision is my reconciliation with GOD. I learn and teach this constantly in different ways. Through this I receive grace and great help from GOD, which manifests itself in many light experiences. Recently, I had a serious accident at work, which led to the temporary death of my body. Thanks to my prayers and those of my loved ones, I experienced healing. Now every moment is a miracle for me.” – Tadeusz

Daphne Miedziarek, Polen

Lecture / Workshop: Forgiveness Beyond Illusions
“For me, the Course represents the only path to forgiveness. I have been walking this path for 20 years, which I think is a very short time. I am happy to carry this message of love to anyone who is willing to hear it in their heart and give light, love, hope and support in their daily lives.” – Daphne

Devavan, Wisconsin / USA

Lecture: Where There Is Love and Peace, Everything Blossoms
“Blossoming in Christ is too see our joining as brothers in His Mind, to see you in the light – and to recognize you as my true Self.” – Devavan
Devavan is an awakened teacher of God, who demonstrates the teaching of A Course in Miracles and who has been extending it from Wisconsin (USA) since the year 2000. His focus in on the sharing of actions in the mind: of unlimited forgiveness and unconditional love based on a singular awakening experience. His understanding of transformation of the mind is a personal mind training and conscious change of beliefs. He is known as a teacher, healer, coach, and companion.
Devavan will be joining us via Zoom.
Website: devavan.com
Youtube: DevAvan
Spreaker: Die Stimme des Himmels

Neda Boin, Netherlands

Workshop: Voice Liberation – Liberate Your Voice, Liberate Your Soul!
Neda is an award-winning singer-songwriter, Course in Miracles teacher and Voice Liberator who uses music as a tool for awakening. Her first album, “The Light Has Come”, contains lyrics all coming from workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles. Her latest album is called “Remember You’re Dreaming” and features Deva Premal, Alexia Chellun and Mike Love. Neda gives healing concerts and retreats all over the world and also shares her work in prison .
Website: nedaboin.com

Nikos Koliousis, Griechenland

“Blossoming in Christ: A purified energy vibrating in a cosmos full of love.”
“Everything comes and goes, everything is temporary. Within this ‘come and go’ the moment arises, the source of creation.” – Nikos
Nikos is working with sound and music production. His way of working is more of an intuitive-experimental way, as he is collecting sounds and making music by improvising, using acoustic and electronic instruments, voices, field recordings, toys, manipulating them to create spacious and airy atmospheres.
Website: nikoskoliousis.bandcamp.com

Jacob Hauge Matteo & Lilo Aurora, Dänemark

“We feel beyond grateful to have been invited to this wonderful festival and we cannot wait to share in the Love and the Joy of the Spirit with everyone!” – Jacob & Lilo
Having discovered each other’s music online through an ACIM community, singer-songwriters Jacob and Lilo came together in the fall of 2022 in their shared passion for music and A Course in Miracles, and have been making music together ever since. Having been guided to share about their journey of awakening in their songs, Jacob and Lilo also collaborated on a first album together called “Where Angels Gently Sing”, with ACIM songs by Resta Burnham.
Websites: jacob-hauge.bandcamp.com; liloaurora.bandcamp.com
Youtube: Jacob Hauge Matteo; Lilo Aurora
Spotify: Jacob Hauge Matteo; Lilo Aurora