16.-20. Mai 2024

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Here you can register for your ONLINE participation. 

We are excited that you are joining us in this live-event! 
Are you joining the festival for the first time? A big welcome to you!
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This year the festival will be even more international. Not only in regards to the speakers, but also regarding the participants. The live talks and workshop in the afternoon (afternoon German time) will be made available in German, English, Spanish, Greek, and partially in Finnish. 

We wanted to make this festival as accessible as possible, so anyone can attend. So we ask you for a financial contribution from your heart (for example 50$, 120$,190$). 

Your contribution makes this festival possible and supports the work of every speaker. 

How do you find the right amount for you?

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We are happy and excited to see you at your ACIM Festival!

“Each instant that we spend together will teach you that this goal (of perfect Love) is possible, and will strengthen your desire to reach it. And in your desire lies its accomplishment.” 

Thank you!

* Jesus Christ in T18-III-V / A Course in Miracles