Registration for in-person attendance
Please register here if you want to join us in Bad Meinberg. You will find information regarding your financial contribution
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Please don't forget to click on the "Send registration" button at the end :) You should receive a confirmation of registration immediately afterwards. Shortly you will also receive * a booking confirmation and invoice from the Seminar Centre (Seminarhaus Shanti - Yoga Vidya); * an invoice for your contribution from us. If you have any questions regarding your registration, we will be happy to help you. Call Ann at +49 1577-6811203 (Please leave a message if your call cannot be answered immediately.) (Take me back to the main page.)
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No charge for children under 3 years. 3-11 years: 50% discount; 12-15 years: 30% discount.
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If you are not staying at the Seminar Centre, select "Commuter". If you are only attending on a single day, select "One-day ticket" and specify the date in the "Comments" section below. If you are staying for a shorter or longer period than 16th to 20th May, please enter your arrival and departure dates under "Comments". The prices will be adapted accordingly.
Staying in a double/multi-bed room? If you would like to share your room with someone specific, please write their name(s) under "Comments".
The accommodation prices quoted include full board from 16th May evening to 20th May lunchtime.
Please note: On the day of arrival, only dinner is included. Should you arrive early and wish to have lunch, please tell us in the "Comments" sections.
Here you can let us know if you want to share your room with someone specific, have different arrival or departure dates etc. – or just say hello and send us a blessing :-)